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Trouble Accessing Online Account?

by Chris Nieto -

If you are having trouble accessing your NHI online learning platform account, please send an email to, with your name and program.

Thank you!
NHI Team

NHI Online Participation Policy & Agreement

by Chris Nieto -

NHI Online Participation Policy and Agreement

The National Hispanic Institute (NHI) is engaging youth participants and volunteers and adult volunteers in interactive, on-line experiences in leadership development.

By signing in to participate, you are confirming:

  1. That you are a registered participant or official volunteer at the specific online training you are accessing.

  2. That you agree not to share login information, passwords, or other means to access the training with anyone else, even if they are also an NHI participant. Only people who receive their credentials from NHI are permitted to access or participate in training.

  3. That you will not video record, audio record or screen capture by any means the training in which you participate. The training and its underlying methodologies are the intellectual property of the National Hispanic Institute. By allowing you access, NHI does not give up any rights to its intellectual property. NHI reserves the right to record all online sessions.

  4. That you will not access or attempt to access NHI computer networks, data, communications, or materials unless specifically authorized to do so. Unauthorized access of a computer or computer network is a crime and NHI will report any such actions to the appropriate authorities.

  5. That you will abide by all NHI codes of ethics and you will participate in the spirit of NHI’s fundamentals. This includes maintaining appropriate attire, decorum, and video backgrounds.

  6. That you will engage with your trainers, volunteers, and peers in a way consistent with NHI’s values and mission. As leaders in the Latino community, your words and actions demonstrate who you are as an individual and who we are as an organization and a community. 

  7. That NHI reserves the right to remove anyone from the online training whose presence or participation is disruptive or potentially harmful to other participants, staff, or NHI.